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Some Thursdays and Sundays are a bit different! Twice a month, a minimum of 8 to 9 horny female sex slaves are put entirely at your disposal! For any kind of sex...
In this small Belgian town some pretty hefty things are going on. For those with a taste for the kink, fetish or just simply Dominant or submissive - this is your party! Unlimited sex and let these pretty little bitches have it.
All girls wear handcuffs and a collar, their pussies are shaved and slips are not allowed, tits must always be available. They can be attached at your wishes or be blindfolded so they can't see whom they are serving.
These sexslaves are real amateur sluts who have a relation with their Master and participate in these party's for their pleasure... and for their own! For them the sex is free and out of their own free will. (Of course, there are costs for the rent, drinks, buffet, condoms, etc.)
It's an inter-active play with Flemish and Dutch sluts... they suck and fuck on your commands. Kinky dressed and exhibitionistic but very tasty! This is an exeptional steamy and horny party-concept that you shall find nowhere else!
You can claim them for almost all your sexual desires... but they are no painslaves, they're lustslaves! It's all up to you... if you want real pleasure this is your chance... But!!! You must command them with rough tongue and dominant voice. Expect no initiative from them, only obedience. They like to be overpowered!
You think you can handle this? Save your juices for this event because you'll have an unique experience. 
The slaves only fuck with a rubber... and suck without. With some of them, more is possible. Just ask their Master.

Couples with a kinky slut are welcome as well to give her the time of her life between all this sex-decadence!

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