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start 16.00 hrs
doors open 15.30 hrs

Some women do have submissive feelings...
At these unique parties, they can behave as the horny slaves they really are!

These slave girls just love it to present themselves as horny sluts. Especially to men or women unknown to them. And then to be forced to behave as horny sex toys, under control of their Master.<

They get all excited being bound and helpless, having to obey to orders. Any orders.

Giving pleasure to others, anybody, without having a choice who or how... it makes them so horny they are prepared to do anything that is ordered to them.

Being forced to sexual action, any kind of action, not having any other choice than to obey, that's what gives them this special kind of kick, only known to real submissives.

Their Master watches if they obey as they have to, look to it that these slave sluts really do their utmost to please you the way YOU like it. He also looks after their safety, but the slave girls know they are watched closely and chances are they will be punished if they don't behave as they have to...

The slave girls are real amateur sluts who are offered to you by their Master. They are presented to you to be submitted to every form of sex with strangers.

Young or old, thick or thin, big or small, light or dark, man or woman... they satisfy everybody! On command!

The sexslavinnen parties are interactive partys. The slave giirls will fuck, suck and lick on command. They are totally in your power. They are real slave girls, they love this feeling of powerelessness, they love to be treated this way.

Order them exactly what you want and how you want it. They HAVE to perform exactly as you want it, or they will be punished by their Master. Nothing is too perverse for them, they're horny sluts ready to obey to every command. They get excited being ordered to suck or present their cunt...

But expect only obedience from them, no initiative! 
Without orders, they won't do anything....

All slave girls wear collars and cuffs. Their cunt is shaven and slips are forbidden, cunt, ass and tits always have to be available for anybody.
They can be tied up and/or blindfolded, made completely helpless if you desire so. That way you can use her available body anyway you like it. They won't be able to stop you.

These sexslaves are real amateur sluts who have a relation with their Master and participate in these gangbangs for his pleasure... and for their own! For them the sex is free and out of their own free will. (Of course, there are costs for the organisation, rent, drinks, buffet, condoms, etc.)

For you it is THE opportunity to enjoy the sex that these slave girls offer you. You pick one of your own choice, tell her what you want, how you want it... she will please you the way you wish. If she doesn't, if she doesn't perform exactly as you want it, tell it to her Master who will take apropriate action.

Sex the way you have always dreamed of! Horny, kinky, good looking women, entirely in your power!

Ze zullen alles doen wat je wil, elk geil bevel opvolgen. The slave girls will obey to your every horny command, but they are lust slaves, no pain slaves. They love harsh language and a tick here and there is ok, but if they don't perform as wished, it is their Master who punishes them, nobody else...

This gangbang is unique, the first and best of his kind. For years, we have build a reputation to present you the best and horniest slave girls.

DThey show themselves in exciting lingerie and we are proud to present you different kind of lustslaves, all real submissive, horny sexslaves.

Fucking is always with a condom, no penetration is without. The slave girls love to suck without condom, but not all of them untill the end. More is possible, this depends on the girl of your choice. Or better on her Master, because he decides what is possible with his slave girl and what not. She has no other possibility to obey!

If you want more - bukkaké, anal, deep throat, orgasm in her mouth, p & p, etc... ask her Master before.

If it should happen that you are not satisfied with the performance of a certain slave girl, tell her Master or the organization. She will be sanctionned in your presence until she behaves as you desire.

To receive a mail with more info, click here.

ATTENTION: only people from the organization may take pictures of the event. Nobodyis placed recognizable on the website. If so desired, a picture is deleted immediately from the camera

Don't forget however...
Our sexslaves must obey to every sexual command that is given to them, exept when their Master decides otherwise. Principly they may not refuse anything to no one, but every girl has her limits which have to be respected. As it is the Master who offers his slave girl, he always has the final decision.
The slaves have to be ordered, without orders they will not take any action! The more detailed your orders are, the better the sex...
From you is expected that you have a strict hygiene and that you respect the slave girls. They are horny and perverse lustslaves but no painslaves.They do like harsh language and a tick here and there, but real pain is given to them only by their Master, if necessay.
DRESSCODEDresscode for men! Because our party is not an ordinary gangbang but one with a kinky atmosphere, our slave girls will serve you in exciting, kinky clothes. That’s why we ask to come in a plain, black string, boxer, tanga or slip. White, colored, flowered, checked etc. are not allowed, as well as white, grey, checked socks, sneakers, bath slippers a.o. If you desire, you can walk around naked without any problem. The Dominants among you can of course be dressed in leather, rubber, vinyl and, if so desired, even in black jeans.
Men who don’t follow the dresscode will be obliged to walk around naked or dressed in a towel. Eventually, a black slip can be obtained in the club at a reasonable price.